What is Magento

Magento is a web based content management system targeted towards those running eCommerce shopping websites.

  • Built and designed around product sales with eCommerce website content management in mind.
  • Shipping, Taxes, and Promo codes built in
  • Sales, discounts, and volume pricing are all included in Magento
  • Template based front end design

Why We Love Magento

Magento can be the backbone of an eCommerce website. It allows for each client-side content and sales management.

  • Clients are able to maintain products and sales without knowing HTML.
  • Templates can be built and integrated for unique front end design.

How we use Magento to your advantage

By deploying Magento to your web project, you are able to manage your online shopping cart with ease.

  • We custom design your shopping cart to work directly with Magento.
  • You are able to manage the products on your website without requiring our interaction.
  • New sales are clear and easy to fulfill.