What is Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a paid advertising program through Google that allows you to display advertising on Google based upon your desired keyword criteria.

  • A daily budget is defined and not exceeded by Google (i.e. no more than $5 / day).
  • Charges are based upon the number of users who click your ad and visit your website.
  • Users who click ads can be tracked to ensure ads are successful.
  • Click-throughs can be directed to "landing pages" for more focused user flow.

Why We Love Google Adwords

Through the use of Google Adwords, you can ensure traffic is brought to your website.

  • Payment to Google is only for actual users clicking to your site.
  • Through strategic ad content, users know the purpose of your site before visiting.
  • Targeted users means targeted results.

How we use Google Adwords to your advantage

Through the use of landing pages and targeted visits, we can drive the user into clear "Call to Actions" to focus them into your desired goal.

  • Because we know the user's reason for visiting, we can more effectively funnel them into your target goal. (mailing list signup, request more information, product sales)
  • Analyzing statistics of users through ad visits allows us to refine the design to drive results.